Summit‘s team members are competitive, driven and hardworking… and interestingly, many are former Division 1 athletes! It’s no wonder that this crew gets the job done for our clients. Let’s take a look at why a sports background has been the perfect foundation for a business career for so many studs here in Phoenix.

Team oriented

Athletes are used to working as a team towards a common goal. They help each other, respect one another and have a sense of belonging to a group. All holds true here at Summit. While each person has his or her own goals and responsibilities, everyone is striving for larger company goals as well.

A desire to win

If you’re competing in a sport, you’re always trying to win. In business, there’s no difference. Playing to win means taking risks, being on the offense at all times, and going for the Hail Mary when needed. These types of people tend to get things done in business and at Summit it means they move up the ranks quickly.

Work ethic

Two-a-days… three-a-days… preseason workouts… off-season workouts… conditioning… strength training… the list goes on and on as to what it takes to compete at a high level in athletics. Someone who is willing to put in that type of effort is used to doing whatever is necessary to succeed, regardless of the ‘arena’. This is a fantastic mentality and habit that builds success both in sports and in business.


Being a part of team means you have a responsibility to the other members to pull your own weight. If you have ever been on a team where one person didn’t finish the drill correctly and the whole team had to run it again, you know what we’re talking about. Additionally, as a college athlete, not only are they balancing their games, workouts, and practices — but also their school work, possibly a job, and social life! Having the ability to manage all of these things truly prepares individuals for a challenging and rewarding career.

Summit is growing rapidly, thanks to sports-minded individuals who are highly competitive, team-oriented, self-motivated, hard-working, and hungry for success. Our methods are proven to work and our clients continue to want more. If you are looking for a corporate environment where your competitive, sports minded personality can fit in, be sure to check out our careers page!